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Immersive Learning: 80/20 Rule

Immersive Learning

  "In order to learn, knowing is not enough. The learner must also be actively engaged." 

Twenty years of employee training has taught us one key point – adult learning principles,  which emphasize the active engagement of  the learners, must be applied before, during and after the training event.

From our micro-learning elearning solutions and web-based training to our live, team training events, we strive to follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time learners are actively engaged and, in group settings, interacting with each other.  20% of the time the trainer covers important business requirements and general instruction.

We harness the power of human engagement, interaction and experience.

Training as a Service

Training as a Service

 "Training doesn't happen in a silo but as part of a continous impromement cycle."

Our expertise in process improvement, documentation, change management and training make us the perfect training partner.  We design employee training programs, from new hire onboarding to new processes and ever-changing technology for existing employees.

Different improvements and changes require different learning solutions - some may be simple, others more complex.  Our services are customized to meet the needs of your learning and continuous improvement initiatives.

Training as a Service provides you with the scalability and flexibility you need with a partner that understands the need for a more comprehensive approach to training. 

Technology Applications

Technology Training

"Our clients should benefit from our technology training experience and knowledge of the practical application of the technology within their industry".

Streamlining processes is a key component in everything we do and that includes our development of training content.  We customize training content to meet the unique needs of your business, and use standardized training content for functionality that we know is common within your industry - saving time and money.

Some of the applications we have trained on are:

Veeva CRM  (Veeva partner)

Veeva Vault

Event Management Applications

Business Intelligence Tools

T&E Applications 

Microsoft Products

T2Ops Immersive Learning

Veeva CRM Training

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