Integrate. Streamline. Simplify.

Achievement of business goals does not happen in a silo but from the synthesis of 

people, process and technology.  

We provide continuous improvement  services to the life sciences industry

  • Technology Application Training | Veeva Partner
  • Change Management | Prosci Certified
  • Rapid Kaizen Process Improvement | Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Operational Playbooks | Documentation

Our services create a synergy of your operational areas 

eliminating redundancy, waste and closing information gaps. 

We're all about integration, not  separation.

T2Ops Services Summary

T2Ops Services

Technology Training

Our SaaS training solutions include micro eLearning, web-based guided training, and instructor-led live team training.  

All training delivery modes follow our 80/20 rule which is based on the key principle in adult learning -- engage the learner before, during and after the learning experience.

"In order to learn, knowing is not enough. One must also do."

Change Management

Continuous improvement requires continuous change. Our Prosci® change management approach will engage, inform and motivate yoiur teams throughout the transition.

"Change becomes almost seamless when your teams know the “5 W’s + How”. 

Rapid Kaizen Process Improvement

 Operational excellence starts with building, and continuously improving, your business processes.  Our rapid Kaizen events are high-energy and high impact  across all areas of operation.

"A successful operating model is only as good as the most inefficient step in the process"  


Operational Playbook | Documentation

Your team needs resources at their fingertips to guide them through "how" to effectively and accurately follow established processes.  Our operational playbooks provide quick, informative and interactive support.

"Efficient processes become standard practice when your teams have information and resources at their fingertips."

About Us: A Diverse Team

Integrated solutions require professional diversity...


Our team has worked on both sides of the table.  As clients in need of business development services, we found ourselves repeating the same needs throughout our organization to a variety of service-providers.  As service-providers, we knew we were only getting and, therefore, only providing,  a piece of the puzzle.

We came together as a team because we knew that through our diversity, we would be able to offer a unique set of integrated, not fragmented, continuous improvement services to our customers.  

We are a team of professionals with over 25 years of accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Leading operations for large and medium pharmaceutical companies.
  • Technology leaders managing the full cycle of the continuous transition of technology on a global scale
  • Adult Learning with a focus on technology training across industries
  • Change Management for large and medium pharmaceutical countries across the globe
  • Kaizen / Six Sigma leaders from R&D and manufacturing to commercial operations.

Our diverse backgrounds allow us to provide comprehensive service to our customers - flowing from one step to the next.

and diversity in our people.

We work successfully with individuals with a variety of roles, experiences and all parts of the world -- because that's who we are.  

We are woman and minority-owned, baby boomers and millennials.  Our cultural diversity, which encompasses team members from the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia means we go beyond understanding the language -- we are part of the culture.

Today's business and technology break through barriers - and so do we.

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